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My name is Hannah! I'm 21 years old and I live in the US. I create poses & paintings for TS3! :D I also have a gaming channel on youtube where I will be posting let's plays and other gaming related things. :)

Here you go guys!

After horrible cramping/back pain yesterday, I’m finally feeling better. So with that said I’m going to edit my first video with webcam footage. Let the experiment begin!

Sweetsalvationsimming: lol we’ve been together only 7 months. That’d be a bit weird.

Halloweenscones: I recorded on video, but seeing as how I dont have a desk at our appointment it makes it kind of hard. I need to go look around at goodwill for some.

So my boyfriend came up with the brilliant idea to just record my face using my webcam while playing to get more viewers. He said just get all dolled up and then record, because a lot more people will watch if they can see you. Who else thinks this is a good idea?

Starting a new Skyrim Let’s Play, Morrowind Let’s Play, & possibly Mass Effect.

When I start my new job I will officially have weekends off so that will give me more time to record, and I will be getting off at 4:30 pm, so I can record then as well. So excited. 

I hate recording when my roommate is home. Plus I’m pretty sure the girl he had over last night is still here….#awkward

Trying to decide what I should get for lunch today in between recording videos. Should I run to the store and pick something up or get subway? The woes of being sick. I can’t even smell anything pleasant right now as it is, and every time I eat it hurts my throat. But I’m so HUNGRYYY. :(


One last hair retexture for today :)

Took me whole day to find out what files contain this hairstyle. And it’s called “NoShaved” for some reason, so I assume that in the final game we’ll have this version with one side shaved (kinda like this Rihanna hairstyle).

Available for download at: