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My name is Hannah! I'm 21 years old and I live in the US. I create poses & paintings for TS3! :D I also have a gaming channel on youtube where I will be posting let's plays and other gaming related things. :)
origin id: timeergirl89

Playing an arithmetic game on the computer. She’s a wiz kid. ;) 

Still hate the babies in the sims so this is Pandora as a child!

Pandora’s updated room. :)

Baby time! Meet: Pandora Wong.

Another long day at work, made much worse by being in her third trimester.

Listening to some good tunes while eating good food. Makes for one happy preggo lady.

So tired, but so happy. (i hate the lighting in this game. forreal.)

All I have to say is: HAHAHAHAHHA.

Angerly basting the bass. 

Cut the study in half to fit in the nursery.