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My name is Hannah! I'm 21 years old and I live in the US. I create poses & paintings for TS3! :D I also have a gaming channel on youtube where I will be posting let's plays and other gaming related things. :)

My boyfriend bought me TS4 today but my mouse took a shit on me. Need to buy a new one Friday :(

New era of pink flamingos.

Oh ok so I wouldn’t be able to play anyways until 11 since I’m Central time

Okay only ask because there are several people I’ve seen today who have posts of them and playing already.

I have my game pre ordered at GameStop but if I were to preorder it from say amazon or origin is there a chance I could play early?

How quickly do you think games for the world will have TS4 up? I wanna try it before I buy it on Friday.

Your first mod is gonna be a “No Mosaic” mod.


Don’t you lie to me.


Calling all active Simblrs.   OG’S, 2’s, 3’s and soon to be 4’s!

Here you go guys!

After horrible cramping/back pain yesterday, I’m finally feeling better. So with that said I’m going to edit my first video with webcam footage. Let the experiment begin!