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My name is Hannah! I'm 21 years old and I live in the US. I create poses & paintings for TS3! :D I also have a gaming channel on youtube where I will be posting let's plays and other gaming related things. :)
origin id: timeergirl89

Sorry I haven’t been on recently. I started a new job, but this weekend (especially tonight) I will start up playing again. :)

The both looked pleased that little Kellan has arrived.

Welcome little Kellan Wong. I can’t remember what trait I picked for him at the top of my head, but I’ll update that once I age him up. :)

After going through labor and a full shift at work, Mae finally gives birth.

While her mom is battling the fire, this is what Pandora is doing.

Poor Mae, she’s in her third trimester and is stuck putting out fires.

Dammit Pandora, be careful! Can’t have you dying now can we!?

She’s not very happy to have to be making breakfast.

After a bit of a work out to run off that baby fat, Pandora was very happy to do her homework/extra credit. Gotta get that A!

After a rather embarrassing woohoo talk, Mae had Pandora feel her belly.